Pennywise Neck Wheat Bag

Discover ultimate relaxation & freedom with our wearable neck wheat bags. Designed to cover your entire neck, they provide targeted pain relief while staying secure as you move freely. Say goodbye to neck pain & embrace comfort today!
Choose Lupin or Wheat filled. Lupin retains heat longer and is non-combustible, meaning you don’t need a glass of water in the microwave when heating. Learn more in the full description below.



Experience the ultimate relaxation with our innovative neck wheat bag! It perfectly conforms to your neck, providing targeted pain relief that stays in place as you move freely. Our wheat bag provides comforting warmth and pain relief, targeting your needs during errands, desk work, or relaxation at home. Embrace comfort and relief with our enticing neck wheat bag, bidding farewell to discomfort.


  • Our neck wheat bag’s 78cm x 20cm size is specifically tailored for the neck region, providing excellent coverage and support.
  • It has 15 segmented channels to provide even heat distribution ensuring targeted and soothing relief to the neck area.
  • It’s versatile, although designed for the neck, this wheat bag can also be used on other body parts. Its adaptable shape makes it a versatile heat therapy solution for various muscle aches and pains.
  • Microwave and Freezer Safe: The neck wheat bag can be conveniently heated in the microwave to provide warmth for relaxation and relief from muscle tension. Alternatively, it can be placed in the freezer to create a cold pack for reducing inflammation and swelling.
  • The wheat bag is made from high-quality 100% cotton materials that are safe and durable.
  • The neck wheat bag weighs approximately 2000g filled with wheat or lupin.
  • Our neck wheat bag is designed and handcrafted here in New Zealand.


  • A lupin-filled bag offers longer heat retention
  • It’s non-combustible which means you no longer need to put a glass of water in the microwave while heating the wheat bag.
  • Lupin has no odour and less moisture
  • Lupin is allergy friendly for Coeliac’s or anyone who is Gluten Sensitive


Fold the wheat bag so it will fit on the turn table, lay it flat and make sure the turn table can move freely. Place the wheat bag in the middle of the microwave and heat for 3 – 3.5 minutes. If your wheat bag is wheat-filled, you must put a glass of water in the microwave while heating the wheat bag. Remove the wheat bag from the microwave, give it a shake, check to make sure it’s not too hot and then place and mould the wheat bag into your neck and shoulders, allowing the heat to soothe aches, pains, and tension in the shoulder and neck area while you continue with your day’s tasks.

The heat wheat bags provide dilates the blood vessels, increasing blood flow. As a result, it floods the area with oxygen and beneficial nutrients and speeds up the healing process, which prepares you to take on whatever the day brings.

Absolutely! Wheat bags and Lavender form the perfect combination to relieve pain and increase relaxation. Additionally, our Lavender spray serves as the ideal accompaniment. Simply mist it over your heated wheat bag, kick back, and enjoy the calming effects. Interested? Click here to grab your Lavender spray today!

Indeed, all wheat bags, regardless of filling, can go in the freezer and be chilled to function as ice packs. After placing the wheat bag into one of our Freezer Bags, pop it into the freezer for at least 40 minutes before use. You can store your wheat bags in the freezer indefinitely, ensuring they are always ready for use.

Say goodbye to nagging neck pain and welcome the soothing embrace of our wearable neck wheat bag. Add it to your life and experience the transformative power of warmth, care, and comfort. At Wear Me WheatBag, we believe in lovingly creating products that enhance your well-being and enrich your everyday experiences. Order your neck wheat bag today and embark on a journey towards a pain-free and joyful existence.

Wear Me Wheat Bags are Handcrafted and Designed in New Zealand.




Ursula Hurn
Ursula Hurn
Read More
"I have just got the On Shoulder collar wheat bag and I just love it. Mine is a lupin filled bag and it's great, just stays put while I work away! Great quality product! Highly recommended!! Thank you!!!"
Mary Short
Mary Short
Read More
"I can't thank you enough, my husband has cancer. He uses a wheat bag all day, every day but up until now he has had to put it in his pants to hold it in place. I got him one of your waist wheat bags and he LOVES it, he can walk around and it stays. Thank you so much" xx
Kate Segalla
Kate Segalla
Read More
"I absolutely love my wheat bag! I got the Pennywise Neck Wheat bag and it is just great. It’s so long I can use it like a scarf or almost like a blanket! 10/10 would definitely recommend!"
Karen Jackson
Karen Jackson
Read More
"Just to let you know this Waist wheat bag certainly did not disappoint, in fact it was way better than amazing! best wheat bag on the market. I have Fibromyalgia & in pain 24/7 this is an absolute god send." Highly recommended👍
Amber Paton
Amber Paton
Read More
"I love my waist Wear Me Wheatbag! It’s great for when I have cramps or lower back pain. The waist wheatbag stays in place really well so I can continue to do what I need too." Highly recommend
Mike Paton
Mike Paton
Read More
"Highly recommend using the over the shoulder wheat bag. I could carry on with what I was doing as it sat around my neck and shoulders easily and the lupins heat lasted ages. Cheers for great product Wear Me Wheatbags"

New Zealand Made

Innovative Wearable Wheat Bags

Our wheat bags stay where they are mean’t to, are NZ designed and made to the highest quality and use Lupin fill which stays hot 30% longer.

Natural NZ Made Wheat Bags

Why Use A Wheat Bag?

Lady standing at stove cooking a wearing wearable wheat bags
Choose Lupin or wheat

Choose Lupin or Wheat filled

30% Longer Heat Retention & NZ Grown
Lupin is non-combustible, no heating with glass of water and it’s a great alternative for gluten sensitive people

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