Our Terms & conditions

Returns & Refunds
Due to the nature of the product, we can’t accept refunds or returns due to you changing your mind.

However, if the product has a manufacturer’s fault, we will provide a replacement wheat bag.

If the wheat bag has burnt due to overheating or neglect, we are not liable to offer you a replacement.

You must read and follow all the instructions provided with the wheat bag.

If you have any concerns with your wheatbag, email us at info@wearmewheatbag.co.nz with the invoice number, your name and the reason for concern.

Replacement due to manufacturer’s fault
If there is a manufacturer’s fault with your wheat bag, you need to let us know immediately either via email at info@wearmewheatbag.co.nz or by phone me on 021415718

In the event of a fault, we will provide a replacement. We may require you to return the item. In this case, we will provide a courier label for you to put on the package and then arrange for the item to be collected or for you to take it to the nearest courier depot.

Once we determine whether a replacement wheat bag is required, we will ship the replacement to you as quickly as possible.

Suppose we can’t supply the same fabric initially purchased. In that case, we will advise you and offer a selection to choose from instead.

Suppose while heating the wheat bag it has burnt or overheated. In that case, we are not liable to provide a replacement or refund.

You must monitor the wheat bag while it is heating in the microwave.

We do not accept exchanges.

We will only replace or exchange a product if it has a manufacturer’s fault. If this is the case, email us at info@wearmewheatbag.co.nz, and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Shipping Returns
To return your product, you should email us first at info@wearmewheatbag.co.nz

Once we have confirmed the return of a product due to the manufacturer’s fault, we will provide a courier label to print and stick to the package. You will then need to arrange the package collection or deliver it to your nearest courier depot.

Need help?
Contact us at info@wearmewheatbag.co.nz for questions related to refunds and returns.